WOCMES 2002




Thursday Morning: Avicenna and the Classical Tradition

  1. Amos Bertolacci: The Reception of Book B (Beta) of Aristotle's Metaphysics in the Ilahiyyat of Avicenna's Kitab al-Shifa'
  2. Carl Ehrig-Eggert: How Avicenna Read Plato's "Laws"
  3. Peter Adamson: Avicenna on Neoplatonism: His Commentary on the "Theology of Aristoteles"
  4. Robert Hall: Intellect, Soul, and Body in Ibn Sina: the Problematics of his Synthesis

Respondent: Dimitri Gutas

Thursday Afternoon: Avicenna on Natural Philosophy and the Exact Sciences

  1. Catarina Belo: Chance and Determinism in Ibn Sina - Physics I of the Shifa'
  2. Jon McGinnis: Catęgoriai kai Kinęsis: Ibn Sina on the Categories in Which Motion Occurs
  3. Irina Luther: The Conception of Angle in the Works of Ibn Sina and al-Shirazi

Respondent: Gül Russell


Friday Morning: Avicenna on Metaphysics and Theology

  1. Omer Maher Alper: Avicenna's Argument for the Existence of God: Was He Really Influenced by the Mutakallimun?
  2. Olga Lizzini: Matter and form in Avicenna's Metaphysics and the concept of fayd
  3. Rahim Acar: Reconsidering Avicenna's Position on God's Knowledge of Particulars

Respondent: Yahya Michot

Friday Afternoon: The Heritage of Avicenna

  1. David C. Reisman: The Philosopher and the Mystic: A Study in the Pseudo-Avicenna Corpus
  2. M. Afifi Al-Akiti: The 'Three Properties' of Prophethood in Certain Works of Avicenna and al-Ghazali
  3. Gabriel Lahood: Al-Ghazali and Averroes on Avicenna's Theory of Action
  4. Roxanne Marcotte: Resurrection in the Hayat al-Nufus of Isma'il Ibn Muhammad Rizi: The Avicennan Background

Respondent: Jules Janssens


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