Abu Nasr al-Farabi (259-339 AH / 870-950 AD) is one of the foremost Islamic Philosopher /Logician. 


Original Source Biography:

  1. al-Farabi from Ibn abi-Usiba's Tabaqat al-'itbia (Arabic html)

Supplementary Material:

  1. Al-Farabi: from History of Muslim Philosophy. (E-text) in PDF format only.   
  2. Prof. Fakhry's Biography of al-Farabi. (informational link to the publisher) Sample Chapter.
  3. Brief outline of his life and contributions. (link)
  4. Encyclopedia Iranica's article. (e-text) needs editing...
  5. Important entry in French about the musical side of al-Farabi. (link)

His Works:

Works about his thought:

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