In the name of All‚h[1] the Most Merciful and Clement: [O All‚h I implore Your assistance, O All‚h bless Muhammad and his family and grant them peace.]

AbŻ Muhammad ‘AlÓ Ibn Ahmad Ibn Sa’Ód Ibn Hazm [the Andalusian jurist]. All‚h may be pleased with him has said:

1. Praise be to All‚h for His great gifts. May All‚h bless [our master] Muhammad , His servant, the seal of His Prophets and Messengers; may He grant them eternal blessings. I rely on Him for any ability and strength I may have, and I seek His aid and protection against all the various terrors and ills of this world. And may He deliver me from all horror and suffering in the next world.

2. Now, I have gathered together in this book numerous ideas which All‚h, the provider of intellect, has enabled me to profit from as day succeeded day, [and year succeeded year] and circumstances altered, permitting me to understand the vicissitudes of fate and to control its fluctuations, to the extent that I have devoted the larger part of my life to it. I have chosen to master these problems by study and contemplation, rather than throw myself into the various sensual pleasures which attract most souls on this earth, and rather than amass unnecessary wealth. I have gathered together all my observations into this book in the hope that the Almighty may allow it to benefit whichever of His servants He wishes who has access to [is capable of understanding] my book, in the matters over which I have slaved, devoting all my efforts to them and reflecting at length upon them. I hope that it will be well received, and I present it with good intentions and blessings [with a good heart].

This book will benefit a person more than financial treasures and possessions of property, if he meditates upon it, and if All‚h enables him to make good use of it. As for myself, my hope in this enterprise is to win the greatest reward from All‚h, since my intention is to help His servants, to remedy whatever is corrupt in their character, and to heal the sickness of their souls. I beseech the assistance of All‚h [Almighty, we wish only for God, the best of defenders].


Modifier’s Note:

[1] The word All‚h has been used interchangeably with God throughout the translation.

Also, I would like to inform the readers one matter from the outset and that is: I donít agree with all the material in this book, however, I am inclined to believe that the correct outweighs the few possible flaws. Due to the overall content, I felt that it was worth putting it on the Internet. And All‚h knows best and we turn to Him for guidance.

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