Al-Akhl‚q wa’l-Siyar (Morals and Behaviour)

By Ibn Hazm al-Andalusi

Extracted with slight modifications from "In Pursuit of Virtue" © 1990 TA-HA Publishers

Introduction (by webmaster of Islamic Psychology Online(!)

I) The Treatment to be given to Souls, and the Reform of Vicious Characters

II) The Mind and Repose

III) Knowledge

IV) Morals and Behaviour

V) Friends, Close Friends, and the Exchange of Advice

VI) The Different Kinds of Love

VII) Different Kinds of Physical Beauty

VIII) Practical Morality

IX) The Treatment of Corrupt Character

X) Curious Particularities of the Characteristics of the Soul

XI) A Man’s Desire to Know, What you Should Tell Him and Not Tell Him, and How to be Praised and Renowned.

XII) The Way to Attend Study-Sessions

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